Pevabaso works in partnership with some of the most relevant Portuguese limestone quarries. We have privileged access and relation with many of these quarries, which can guarantee you blocks supply for small to large scale projects.

We do not own quarries, we simply work in partnership with the best quarries to be able to find our clients the best materials available in the market at the right time. Because we deal with several quarries, we are able to continuously supply the best quality blocks that quarries are extracting, with the necessary quantities.

Our job is to have an accurate and updated knowledge of the quarries situation, in order to be able to give our clients to most realistic information about the limestone market in Portugal. Based on our reliable information, the client can have an informed decision on how to buy Portuguese limestone blocks.

With this supply structure, Pevabaso is able to guarantee all its international clients security in terms of supply, choice in terms of limestone quality grades, competitive prices and a reliable partner for the future.